Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 91

Second wind has arrived. Knocked out a boot camp session tonight and ate like a champ. Several small meals throughout the day... money. A small cup of oatmeal for breakfast a rice cake for a snack, 6" chicken sub for lunch, a brown rice cup for a snack, 6" chicken sub for another snack. So breaking that down into my 10 hour day, I eat something small every other hour. It breaks up the day. I'm never starving, in fact, I feel "satisfied" rather than "full" which makes me feel sluggish.
Those are my thoughts for the day. Meal plan: success!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 87

Yes, it's been a while... Yes, I've gone off track.. slightly. Yes, I'm still in the <300 club. Went 10 days in a row without working out. I took a nutritional walk through Kroger with Jerry @ VIP and he gave me the In's and Out's to groceries. I'm now on a healthy nutritional plan coupled with a minimum of 2 boot camp workouts a week, I'll be cage fighting in no time! Thanks to all who's continued showing support and concern with my 1 month blog hiatus. I will try to continue keeping everyone up to date and spread the motivational love.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 60

Another killer workout tonight. I've been "lucky" enough to have missed running the hill twice now since I've started boot camp 2 months ago, my luck ran out today. It's brutal... I hate running. Running was my least favorite exercise in football and I honestly don't see how people can do it. Run marathons? You're crazy! The total distance is maybe half a mile... I really don't know, but going up hill... F@#%!!! I think I might have said I wanted to run a half marathon at some point... I change my mind... not interested :)

The brother came with me tonight, he just felt like going so he paid the daily rate of $15 to get his ass handed to him. Thanks Chad, I appreciate it.

It's crazy to think today marks the official 2 month point. Time freakin' flies!

Next week is going to be tricky with Monday being Labor day. I might have to do 3 days straight in a row. I'm not sure if my body can actually handle that, 2 days in a row is pretty intense, but I need to stick to the game plan.

Jerry @ VIP told me a joke tonight... "Just pick 1 day to drink this holiday weekend" LOL, not that I'm a raging alcoholic...but seriously? I'm guessing the answer is YES, SERIOUSLY. Crap! I'll do my best... I'm just saying ;)

Breakfast - 3 small Bran muffins
Lunch - Chopped Chicken Cobb Salad
Dinner - Steak tips, mashed potatoes and green beans

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Days 53 - 59

Back on track... just finished boot camp session 2 of 3 for this week. I went all out tonight and definitely feel it. I weighed myself this week and have actually gained weight... not happy about that. I was only able to make it once last week, and I had another wedding to attend (not that I have ZERO self control... but it's hard) Labor day weekend coming up, doesn't mean I can't lose 2 lbs. I'm down just over 20 lbs. in 2 months, 10 lbs. a month I'm gonna' try to hit 250 by the end of the year.

VIP Training offers a nutritional class I need to attend. They take you to the grocery store and go through every aisle going over all the foods and give you a meal plan. I've been putting it off because it's on Saturday's at 11am... time to take a Saturday off (darn)

Thanks to everyone who's been pushing me to keep up with the blog posts, if you remember, I almost predicted this would happen in the beginning. I go all out in the beginning, and I'm good for a month or so, then it just fizzles out. I guarantee if I wasn't doing the blog, I would have continued to gradually go down hill until I stopped training and dieting. Not going to happen!

Peace out fellas!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Days 40 - 52

The long awaited update to The Gilbert Shift is finally here. It seems like a long time (almost 2 weeks) since my last post. I've had friends stay with us from out of town and their parting gift was giving me a cold! Well I'm officially in the "Under 300" club (a fictitious club I made up to honor me weighing in under 300 lbs.) My knee is doing much better, I'm still going to keep the knee brace on during work outs though, I think it looks cool.... hahahaha. I'm still not able to substitute my beer for a lower carb/calorie alternative. I've been sick for the past week now and have missed a couple of days of boot camp, but I've still managed to go at least twice a week last week and again this week. I'm donning a fancy new "pedometer" and will add that to my daily blogs when I remember to wear it. It says you're supposed to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. That's a lot of steps, unless you walk 9 holes of golf! I played twilight golf the other night and only got through 7 holes, but managed to walk half a days quota within' that time frame... not bad. I'm curious to see what the pedometer reads after a cardio boot camp session. My dad has decided he wants to join boot camp after his golf league, mid September. He said "if" I was still doing it, he'd join lol. I'm in it for the long haul pops, I hope you can hang!

Sorry again for the lack of updates lately, that's totally lame on my part...

Current weight: 296.3lbs

Breakfast - Rice & mushroom mix
Lunch - 6 Naked Tenders & side salad
Dinner - Ribs, small portion of mashed potatoes & green beans

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 39

Knee is feeling ok, it will be good to have a few days off it to recover. Today my trainer came to the store to make some copies and I happened to be out to lunch (which rarely happens) and he calls me, "Where are you at? What are you eating? Don't make me come over there and check up on you!" hahahaha! I was good though, Buffalo Wild Wings has a few healthy choices on their menu, and I was good.... other than the 2 beers I gulped down (sooo tasty) I know I should be drinking the rum and diet, but sometimes beers just taste so darn good, especially outside on a nice warm day.

Looking forward to the weekend.... thank you!

Breakfast - skipped
Lunch - 6 Naked Tenders & Side Salad
Snack - whole grain bread
Dinner - Protein Shake

***CEP just launched a new Compression Sleeve, click on the image below to check it out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 38

Ok, so some people have told me they've been having problems leaving comments on my blog for some reason. Click Here for Comment Help.

My left knee has been aching really bad the past couple of days, started on Day 36 after boot camp. I hyper-extended my knee about 16 years ago and it's always given me a little grief here and there, but Monday night was bad. It hurt just to bend it, right in the middle of my knee, behind my knee cap... I'm one to shrug off pain and just "walk it off", but Tuesday it was still bothering me when I bent down. Today I went to AMS in Pontiac and they set me up with a "Safe T Sport" Neoprene Knee Sleeve. I wore it today and honestly felt like the compression was doing me good with the exercises. I was instructed to leave it on for a while after working out too for the compression benefits and possibly ice it if it's still sore. It's not really sore right now... I think the science lies in the"Open Patella" You can pick these up cheap at

By the way, ANYONE looking to join me M,W & Thurs for boot camp is welcome. I have several 2 week free unlimited passes. You could go every day of the week if you'd like... if you can ;) In addition to the boot camp sessions, you can take advantage of the Zumba & Yoga classes as well. Just email me and I'll hook you up! You don't even have to go with me if your schedule doesn't permit, but it's well worth the trail period NO STRINGS ATTACHED! I promise you won't be disappointed. If I can do it, you can! People have been asking me to send some motivation their way, so here it is... TAKE IT!!

Breakfast - skipped
Lunch - Chicken Sandwich (addicted to Panera Bread now)
Snack - Whole wheat bread & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dinner - Turkey club roll ups (6)